From the recording Somehow -- Dave Shiflett

A story about patching up a shaky romance. There's a nice trumpet/voice conversation in the second part.



I’m feeling distant, nothing’s a glide
The sky is full of rain
Trying to find my old spark again

My clock’s stopped ticking, the moon’s on the blink
The sun it hardly shines
Can’t even find a grin in a cup of wine

I don’t know why this happened
I don’t know what to do
I’m wondering if the same is true for you

Been thinking about the ocean where we used to go
And disappear for days
Drinking that wine and laughing with the waves

I know about our troubles
They're bigger than the sky
But there is one thing I would like to try

Why don’t we go back to the ocean?
Why don’t we walk the magic shore

Maybe find that old emotion
That we always had before

Maybe we can sit and talk together
Maybe find that old common ground

Maybe start that old commotion
And bring those good times back around

Maybe we’ll walk hand in hand together
Maybe dance beside that swaying sea
Maybe find that old time notion

That somehow we were meant to be