From the recording Seven Days From Birmingham

This song is about a couple who lost their son in war. They responded by getting in their car and driving away from their home in Birmingham, Alabama



We lost it all
That’s not our fault
Some are blessed, some are lost
Close your eyes
I will drive
We’ll be okay
Tommy’s gone
Just 22
Now we know what war can do
So we’ll drive until we find a better day

Maybe somewhere Tommy sings
They say that time can fix all things
And I’m trying to believe the best I can
But tonight the stars are cold
And I just have you to hold
And I think we’re seven days from Birmingham

We’ll keep driving
We’ll be fine
We’ll cross that California line
And we’ll leave Birmingham far behind
We’ll find a place down by the sea
Time will dull our memories
And the wind will blow a steady lullaby