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Dave Shiflett: Music

Born To Steal

(Dave Shiflett)
September 14, 2017
Dave Shiflett
A song about streaming, stealing, and other occupational hazards for songwriters.
Born To Steal

Mr. Google Man
Put a nickel in my can
I’m so broke
A thousandth of a cent
For a stream won’t pay the rent
There’s just no hope
I played by all the rules even went to music school
Paid my dues
So buy this song from me, it’s a pretty melody
And almost free

He said lighten up son you see we’re all born to steal
That is the divine will

Take a lick from over here, a phrase from over there
Who cares?
If you use that hook doesn’t mean that you’re a crook
You just share!

You see we’re all born to steal
That’s how we keep to real

And all the fans so fair
When they steal they say they share
They don’t care
So can I share their car?
I won’t take it very far – I swear!

Because we’re all born to steal
Looks like our only deal

So can I share your house
Can I share your spouse
Do you dare?
Will you share with me your Social Security?
Fair is fair

So Mr. Music man
Throw a nickel in my can
I’m still broke
The music in my soul has put me on the dole
Is there no hope?

Except we’re all born to steal
It’s now the only deal
That’s how we’ll keep it real
Our fates have all been sealed