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Dave Shiflett: Music

Resurrection Roll

(Dave Shiflett)
December 1, 2015
By Dave Shiflett
A barroom gospel song.
The barrooms had their magnets turned way up high
They pulled me in off the street for another drinking night
I had half a dozen down when you walked through the door
For a girl who loves her Jesus, you sure looked like a whore

Then I remembered you two had parted ways
You heard the sirens singing
So you ran away
You burned down all your bridges, nailed shut every door
Now your life’s gone ugly, and you don’t smile no more

You should have stuck with Jesus, cause you were better off back then
These days you’ve got nothing, at least you had a friend
Your sad blue eyes are dying on cheeks as black as coal
You should have never struck your name
From the resurrection roll

I wonder who convinced you
That you would be so free
If you fled Jerusalem
Got off your bended knees
You’re keeping brand new hours
With brand new company
You’re a pilgrim on the road to Hell
So walk on home with me