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Dave Shiflett: Music

Clear Channel Melody

(Dave Shiflett)
December 1, 2015
By Dave Shiflett
I wrote this after meeting with legendary producer Fred Foster, who told me a friend I had written songs for would not have any luck in Nashville because she didn't look like a supermodel. Fred (who also co-wrote 'Me and Bobby McGee) was not happy about how things had gotten in Music City.
Clear Channel Melody

I know this girl, sings so sweet, a blessing to this world
She had her dream – to sing on the radio and the music TV
But the man – he said no, ‘cause you’re too fat
You’re probably too old
I’m sure you can sing, I’m sure you are sweet
And I’m sure you ain’t got what it takes to compete

He knows the way, play ten songs a thousand times a day
Ain’t nothing discrete – just like a pimp out working the street
But the girl she says no, I’m going to sing ‘cause that is my soul
And the fat girl she cries, the fat girl she sings
And only the girl held on to her dreams

I know those girls, they sing so sweet around this sad world
Night after night, reach those angelic heights

I love that girl, she sings so sweet – a blessing to this world
And the man who said no spends all day just counting his dough
He knows his thing you make those cash registers ring

And the fat girl she cries, the fat girl she sings
And only the girl escaped with her dreams