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Dave Shiflett: Music

Kale and Collards

(Dave Shiflett)
November 9, 2015
By Dave Shiflett
A good time song with mermaids and collards, etc
Feed me some kale and collards
Tell me a pirate joke
Buy me some cheap salvation
And a ticket to Okracoke
Throw my line in the water
Catch me a mermaid dream
It's been a long hard winter
So life's gonna smile on me

Life's gonna smile on me
I will not be denied
And when I leave this hard, hard world
I'll leave satisfied

Feed me some kale and collards
Pour me a little gin
We'll talk about our wayward youth
And count up the wages of sin
Throw my cares in a basket
Carry them down to the sea
Float 'em out to the mermaids
'Cause mermaids believe in me


Angela -- wild in the night
Don't guess I'll put up a fight

I'll never make a fortune
I'm not the fortunate kind
But I might fry me some scrapple
And drink me some turpentine
Go lie out in the meadow -- right in the lap of the sun
If I'm not home by Friday, you'll know that the mermaids have come