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Dave Shiflett: Music

High Mountain Stream

(Dave Shiflett)
November 9, 2015
By Dave Shiflett
An old man in the hills tune
High mountain stream
Keeper of dreams
You've been a brother to me
Now I am old and lost in these hills
And ancient man with ancient dreams

I've spent my spell hootin' in hell
I've woken up 'neath the trees
Spent too much time drinking that wine
Now time has caught up with me
High mountain stream

Kingdom come, glory have I none
I am one who was not saved
No good done underneath the sun
I have earned my pauper's grave
My pauper's grave

And I don't get 'round like I used to
Been lying as low as I can
I saw a ghost in the mirrow
And sixty hard years in my hands

High mountain stream, keeper of dreams
You've been a brother to me
So when I sleep carry me deep
Carry me down to the sea
That is the way it should be
Please have no mercy on me
High mountain stream