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Dave Shiflett: Music

Distant Star

(Dave Shiflett featuring Buttafly Vazquez)
December 5, 2014
By Dave Shiflett
I came up with the idea for this while walking on the Appalachian Trail. There are actually two versions -- this one (the chick version) and the hick version, which is called High Mountain Stream and which I sing (and which doesn't sound quite the same).
Distant Star

O distant star
It’s you and me tonight
I’m alone but I’m alright

Bright in the sky
So clear and high
Will this be my special night?

What do you see, looking at me?
Will I end a long night alone?
Or will there be, a new love for me
That special love I’ve never known?

Hope and dreams they have carried me
All through the years long and far
Now I need him close to me
Dreams have cold hearts distant star

I don’t hang out like I used to
Been lying as low as I can
But I saw a ghost in the mirror
So I took my life in my hands

O distant star, it’s you and me tonight
I’m all alone but I’m alright
And if you see that he’s near to me
Show him the way distant star
Show him the way distant star
So that he’ll stay distant star
Distant star