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Dave Shiflett: Music

Darlin' -- Dave Shiflett

(Dave Shiflett featuring Buttafly Vazquez)
February 21, 2013
Dave Shiflett
This is one of two latin-flavored songs in the 'A Simple Thing' collection. It's actually a murder/suicide song you can dance to.


Darlin’, why don’t we go drifting
Down the Deep River
There’s no better place babe
To say our goodbyes

Darlin’ there’s peace on this river
The moon is a sliver
There’s only calm water
From here to the sea
From here to the sea
From here to the sea

Darlin’ do you hear my love flowing
Babe when you hold me
Do you know what I’m knowing?
Do you know darlin
Just how much you would miss me
So why don’t you kiss me
And why don’t you hold me
From here to the sea

Darlin, the water is flowing
There’s no turning back now
From where we are going

So Darlin’ please hold me
And tell me you love me
And someday forgive me
For taking you with me
Over the falls